TSB - Your Options

Let’s Talk About Your Options!

We have several different Social Booth Packages that include different options and price points for all budgets. From a simple Standard Social Booth Package to our Enhanced Social Booth options, we guarantee your guests will have a great time no matter what you choose.

Below you will find helpful details on the options offered in our packages.

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Setup Area

Our minimum requirement for setup is a 6' x 4' space. Different options for what you are looking for may require a larger space. Setup can be done in two different ways …

1. We can set up the Social booth against a wall facing into your event as an enticing walk up booth.

2. We can set up the booth away from the wall and use the wall as a backdrop.

Against a Wall

Away from the Wall

Stand Type

The standard Social booth packages come with a Steel Tripod Stand. Our Enhanced Social Booth packages use a Steel Truss Totem covered in Black or White Stretch Cloth (Your Choice). The white option can be lit with a color changing LED light to give added attraction and effect.

Enhanced Totem Truss

White Cloth with LED lighting

Standard Tripod

Steel Tripod Stand

Enhanced Totem Truss

Black Cloth


Want a fun selection of props? Our prop box contains a variety of props for your guests to use while enjoying the social booth experience. This option may take up more real estate at your venue. The choice is yours. Leave the props in the Prop Box for your guests to explore like Mr. Dressup’s Tickle Trunk or we can set up a table and display the props. The table will require a large space for the booth.

Backdrop Type

Depending on where and how you want the Social booth setup, you will have different options of background / backdrops

Use your own background / backdrop - Did you rent a flower wall or backdrop for your party? Does you venue have a great view? These are great options for your Social booth as backdrops.

Use a wall in the venue – place the booth away from the wall and use the wall as your background / backdrop.

Wall of Venue as backdrop

Rented backdrop from another company - we bring the Social Booth

Wall of Venue as backdrop

Use you event as the backdrop – place the Social booth against the wall, facing your event. This is an enticing walk up Social booth using your party as your background / backdrop

Use a digital Backdrop - When using a blank wall as your background we can offer you the choice of a digital background (Green Screen). The possibilities are endless with this option as we can put any image as part of your package. Use your company logo or take your guests to the beach or even Vegas. The choice is yours. Click here to see our current digital background images.

Use a Backdrop stand with a cloth backdrop - This is an option but does take up more real estate at your venue. We offer a 8 x 10 backdrop stand with cloth backdrops.